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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Free at last....?

David Hicks spruced up to meet the demands of the Military Commission aka as Kangaroo Court
Miss Eagle's rejoicing is postponed until he arrives on Australian soil. The news is here. John Howard clearly thinks this will remove the Hicks issue from any consideration by Australian electors in the forthcoming Federal election. Who can tell? He may be right. But one thing is clear to all who give a moments thought to the situation of David Hicks. That is the collusion of the Australian Government in the manner of his "trial", his "sentencing, and his expected release.
Howard clearly thinks Australians are mugs.

It is quite clear that what Howard has done now, the Australian Government has had the capacity to do and could have been done previously (give or take legal manoevering around the Military Commissions legality issue). This re-inforces the belief that Howard could have done for Hicks what Blair did for Britons.

Howard refused.

Howard was inhumane.

Howard was vengeful.

Hicks breached no Australian law but Howard was determined that, one way or another, punishment would be visited on David Hicks. Some Australians may want to just put the Hicks matter away in a bottom draw. Others of us will remember David Hicks. We will remember John Howard.