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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Rodney Olsen interviews Jarrod McKenna: peace, non-violence and no more war

Friends of this blog will have seen posts speaking of peaceworker Jarrod McKenna. Jarrod is particularly involved with working for the liberation of the people of West Papua. Miss Eagle has been contacted by Rodney Olsen of 98.5 Sonshine FM in Western Australia.

Rodney has interviewed Jarrod and, knowing Miss E's interest, wanted to let her know how to access the interview. You, dear Reader,can hear an extended version of Rodney and Jarrod's chat by clicking here. If you'd like to save the mp3 and listen later just right click here and choose where you'd like to save the file.

Rodney says he and Jarrod covered a lot of ground and tried to look at some of the big questions. They explored whether Christianity really promotes non-violence in all situations. If we believe that to be the case how do we the reconcile that with the religious right's belief that George W. Bush is carrying out God's will by taking his nation to war?

Rodney reckons it is worth your while, dear Reader, to take time out to listen to Jarrod. Jarrod will challenge you and give you plenty to think through, he says.