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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

John Howard: more shock and awe. Part 1

It seems that there is a week-by-week plan to impose Howard's presence across government policy in Australia - irrespective of any other properly constituted forms of government. Now it is direct intervention - announced via You Tube in the early hours of the morning - in the running of hospitals. A desperate grab for headlines and votes and an election win!

Miss Eagle is no fan of the states. In the best of all possible worlds, Miss Eagle would opt for a two-sector model of government. Abolish the states, abolish local government and have the national government plus regional government based upon geographical and historical communities of interest.

But Miss Eagle is no fan of the centralizing tendencies of John Howard - the most centralizing Prime Minister in the history of this nation. Without debate, without national consultation, without referendum, he is putting his nose in everywhere - Aboriginal affairs, technical education, and hospitals. Can you imagine, dear Reader, if Paul Keating had acted in the same way? There would have been uproard - particularly from Howard and his constituency.

And does Howard not think that what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander too?

Miss Eagle, dear Reader, does not expect Kevin and Krew to protest too much. Firstly, Kevin is not into protesting too much lately; and, secondly, Kevin probably thinks - why not? Let Howard roll it out and see where it leads because you never know when we might find it useful to do the same thing.

The issue here is that we have erosion of constituted government without debate, without a referendum, and without consultation. Do you think, dear Reader, that this is the work of a dictator?

Remembering the despicable days of Joh Bjelke-Petersen - what better excuse for Commonwealth intervention could there have been?