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Friday, December 02, 2005

Singapore kills Nguyen Tuong Van

I have not posted on the case of Nguyen Tuong Van previously. The case is so sad, the Singaporean government so intransigent - what can my words add. I prepare this post on the morning of his death. As I think about my words, I think about him and his preparations for death at 6am Singapore time, 9am AEDST. The reports tell of his composure, his preparations for death in Christ, his love for his family and his friends. Lord, welcome him into your kingdom.

I pray that Australians continue to remember the reality of the merciless Singapore government. If ever there was a need for regime change, it is needed in Singapore. We must never forget that:

In all that the Australian Government did or failed to do in the Nguyen Tuong Van case, it put the inter-governmental relationship with Singapore at the heart of the matter, entree to the forums of south-east Asia at the heart of the matter, consideration for Singapore's feelings at the heart of the matter. What evidence is there that Singapore ever considered the ethos or feelings of the majority of Australians? A touch of a mother's hand?