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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Australian values? Nuh, don't want any.

So the workforce is compliant, eh? Good old Australian values - which John Howard and his government want to promote - aren't good enough. They just won't cut the mustard with employers. We have to have guest workers instead of Aussie experience and Hanssen's are spruiking about Filipino workers - who they want plenty of - on PM yesterday. These workers have the Sword of Damocles hanging over their head - a one way trip back to the Philippines.

Hanssen's oughtn't to get too arrogant. Look at the Aussie men who thought they were getting an Asian doormat when they took a Filipina bride. Were they in for a big surprise! And look at all that people power they get into in the Philippines. And Miss Eagle, as a trade union official, once wondered about the Filipina brides 'invading' the hospitality industry. All she can say to employers who seek a compliant Filipino workforce, you could be in for a shock. Filipinos/Filipinas are prepared to take so much and no more. They are quite sensitive to inequity and injustice - and they are quite determined when their ire is roused.