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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

God and gas

Miss Eagle knows there are people out there, even practising Christians, who have difficulty in believing in a physical Resurrection. Now Miss Eagle finds this a bit hypocritical of them because she never hears them query what, to Miss Eagle, stretches credulity beyond belief and beyond anything else on this planet, or the universe for that matter - retail petrol pricing.

Now while Miss Eagle knew that retail petrol pricing was a great mystery, and knew that somehow it happened in some mystical environment far removed from the real world, there was something that had not dawned on her. Please forgive. There are times when Miss Eagle is a bird of little brain. God is in charge of retail petrol pricing. Whodda thunk it? God is in charge. Does he have a bevy of business analysts beavering away to come up with THE number? Does he do cutesy numbers to do this devil of a job by using a 666 algorithm?

Is that rumbling Miss Eagle hears in the back stalls? You need some substantiation of the fact that God is in charge of retail petrol pricing? Oh, ye of little faith. Here it is then. HT to SOMA! And a HT to Travis Stanley who started the whole thing.

Postscript: Miss Eagle does not think this is very funny at all. In fact, blasphemy may apply here. Taking the Lord's name in vain - and attributing to him something which is completely in the human domain. DON'T BLAME OUR SINS AND SHORTCOMINGS ON GOD! Particularly when tied up in all this is the greed of wealthy western nations, the addiction of many of OPEC's member states to huge amounts of oil dollars and the abuse by all concerned of the earth's resources.