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Friday, March 02, 2007

Jarrod McKenna: a peacemake in your community

Jarrod McKenna, trainer and board member of Pace e Bene Australia, has been awarded the 2006 Donald Groom Fellowship, a Quaker grant that enables individuals working on projects for nonviolent social change.

Jarrod's initative, called "Empowering Peacemakers in Your Community" (EPYC), introduces young people to the traditions, theory, practice and spirituality of nonviolent social transformation. EPYC works to inspire and empower young people through workshops and seminars, facilitation of student-led and run activist groups within schools, and involve students in community run groups that promote nonviolence.

Jarrod's believes that EPYC does more than train students in transformational nonviolence. He says "EPYC's vision is to inspire, invite and equip a generation to receive and participate in God's vision of a world transformed by love….As I sometimes put it in shorthand, my work is about equipping a generation to 'walk out' now, what God wills the world to be ultimately."
World Vision CEO Tim Costello recently said: "Around the world there is an emerging generation of young leaders who are rediscovering the radical implications of Jesus' message of the 'kingdom' and are letting their lives speak of these alternatives to the cycles of violence, poverty and environmental destruction. Jarrod McKenna is one such young leader Australia has to offer, and the EPYC program promises to empower many more."
As part of the award, Jarrod had the opportunity to speak at the annual gathering of Quakers in Australia in January. Jarrod has been a key member of Pace e Bene Australia, which formed in 2005 and leads trainings across the country, using Engage, From Violence to Wholeness, and Traveling with the Turtle. Pace e Bene congratulates Jarrod for the recognition he has received for his work for peace! Read more about Jarrod's work with EPYCVisit Pace e Bene Australia's website