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Monday, March 05, 2007

Something on the air....

This morning when Michelle Grattan was speaking to Fran Kelly (approx 7.45am) on Radio National Breakfast about the Howard, Rudd & Burke imbroglio, Michelle said to Fran, when asked where it would all end, that the matter would continue until

Miss Eagle believes something has come up in the priceless words of one P.J. Keating. Apparently the words were heard on radio and those who haven't heard them wish they could. Read some of them here.

Miss Eagle nearly fell off her perch when she saw P.J.'s reference to her old cobber, Johnno Johnson, as the model of ubiquity in Sydney. For those of you who have never had social intercourse with Johnno, you will not be aware of his motto where two or three are gathered...hold a raffle. Johnno has made a science out of the selling of a raffle ticket. Don't know how? Johnno will show you.

The Sydney Morning Herald - at the recent ALP election launch in NSW - noted

The only person resembling a tribal elder was the former long-serving Labor MP and raffle ticket seller John "Johnno" Johnson: "They dare not start without me."

And in case anyone thinks the rephrasing of Jesus's words on prayer and the numbers necessary are blasphemous, nothing could be further from Johnno's mind. You see, here is an upright Catholic and any Catholic - well anyone with an Irish name even - ought to dodge Johnno for the next month or so. Otherwise, a casual phone call or an accidental meeting in George Street will find Johnno checking up on whether you've made your Easter Duty yet!