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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Andrew Bolt says Howard must quit

Well, whoda thunk it. That arch-conservative and all round verbal brawler and unattractive man, Andrew Bolt, says Howard must quit. Bolt reckons that even if there were to be another terrorist attack, God forbid, the public is now so cynical it's as likely to blame Howard for provoking it as it is to admire his firmness in handling it.

Miss Eagle thinks Howard should hang on a bit longer.
You, dear Reader, will recall that this blog has not been anxious for John Howard's resignation. She is anxious for Howard to go away and take his meanness with him. But the policy of this blog is that Howard should not go until all the chickens come home to roost.

There is a sound of roosting chickens in the air - but there are still some out in the barnyard.
If Miss Eagle could have her druthers, she would serve Howard the Bruce option. Stanley Melbourne Bruce, Prime Minister from 1923-1929, is the only Prime Minister to lose his seat. And who better to administer the coup de grace than Maxine McKew in the Prime Ministerial seat of Bennelong?