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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


When someone says “Don’t worry” what is your reaction? Do the words reassure you? Do you take notice – and relax, ease off?

Don’t worry is a common phrase. Sometimes it is just a throw-away line. When we really do take notice it is usually because the person telling us not to worry is someone authoritative, someone who cares for us, someone who can take responsibility from our shoulder or someone who can step in beside us and help to share the load or carry out the task to its conclusion.

A child rests easy when the words "Don’t worry" come from a loving and caring parent. A spouse relaxes when the words come from a loving and responsible partner. An employee feels the stress go from situation when a humane and hands on employer gives the instruction.

When Meself came across these words said by Jesus at a time of life going awry, great stress and concern in a life just hitting the quarter of a century - she took Him at His word. Meself read these words in Luke Chapter 12, took them to heart, and acted on them. How beautifully He explained what He meant.

Don’t worry. Relax. There is no need to worry and there is a reason why there is no need to worry. The reason is that basic needs such as food and clothing will be provided. Need the evidence for that? Take a look around—God’s creation is provided for. Birds and plants are part of God’s economy—not a man made economy. They exist in His care, in His provision—just as we human beings do.

There is however a catch, a but…

Meself took this in. The role of humanity in God’s economy is to seek first His Kingdom. We don’t have to possess the Kingdom, we don’t even have to obtain our passport and enter the checkpoints of the Kingdom. We just need to turn in the right direction and that right direction is in the way of seeking His Kingdom.

When we decide to do this all the things that we need will be given us.