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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Politicians make a joyful noise, too

Bob Carr endorses Hillsong's prosperity gospel

I'm sure this endorsement reported in to-day's Sydney Morning Herald will comfort the Inner and Upper North Shore of Sydney who might now feel inclined to get out their Boyz Toyz and get up to worship in the Hills. Those of the Eastern Suburbs who have drawn similar comfort will down their cafe lattes and get off to Hillsong City (formerly Christian Life Centre) at Waterloo right next door to Redfern where the poor still live in Housing Commission towers but gentrification is well on the march under Harry Triguboff and Meriton.

Now if money makes a world of difference and God will provide us with that money to resource all sorts of Christian wishlists, I am a bit amazed about how Mary and Joseph could only rustle up a manger in a stable. And since Brian Houston's property development can sit side by side with his style of Christian leadership [let's forget about or gloss over that choice Jesus spoke of between God and mammon (oldspeke for money and wealth)] why on earth did Jesus say He had nowhere to lay His head? Was he not blessed by His father and thus provided with decent housing and a place to set up a bible college for the Twelve Apostles and sundry other disciples?

Why was Paul not provided with sufficient resources to undergird his ministry so that he did not have to face the ups and downs of a personal economy which saw him abased one minute and abounding the next? And fancy an Apostle having to make tents (notice the abundance of Apostles around the Pentecostal movement these days)? I'm not sure that the Hillsong brothers and sisters are into tent making in a big way. Clearly, leadership is the thing.

PS: Little known fact - between the retirement of Frank Houston from Christian Life Centre and the official takeover by his son Brian Houston, a Hillsong video was sent to all the CLC cell groups to show to their members. It was titled "How to be a good follower"!