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Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy New Year

You may have already had too much Christmas
and don't feel quite ready or well equipped
to deal with New Year's Eve - the day after to-morrow.
This picture may well sum up how you feel.

And if the after-Christmas melt down or let down
leaves you feeling quite irrational,
Miss Eagle - with some help from The New Republic -
  • Christmas consumes vast resources in the dubious and uncharitable activity of "forced giving."

  • Christmas increases congestion.

  • Christmas destroys the environment and innocent animals and birds.
  • Christmas leads to a sharp rise in absenteeism and a slump in labor productivity that is unlikely to be recaptured the rest of the year.

  • Far from being "the season to be jolly," Christmas is really the season of sadness and despair.

  • Christmas is one of the most hazardous times of the year.

  • Excessive eating and drinking are used to compensate for the tribulations of Christmas.

  • Perhaps most important of all, from a purely distributional standpoint, Christmas almost certainly aggravates inequality

  • If we celebrate this holiday at all, we should do so mainly because it is over for at least one more year.