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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Rudd Challenge Trivia

  1. Kevin Rudd and Wayne Swan went to the same school: Nambour State High School, Nambour
  2. Kevin Rudd and Bill Ludwig went to the same school: Marist Brothers, Ashgrove
  3. Bill Ludwing was in Canberra when the Keating-Hawke challenge became a reality and was in Canberra when the Rudd-Beazley challenge became a reality
  4. Should Rudd be elected as Leader of the Australian Labor Party he will be only the second Queenslander elected to this position. Frank Forde is the only other Queenslander to have led the ALP but he was not elected as Leader. Frank Forde was Deputy Leader under John Curtin and, at the death of Curtin in 1945, was Acting Prime Minister and Acting Leader of the of the ALP.
  5. Rudd is the name of a small fish, a widespread member of the family Cyprinidae. No way it will become a big fish but it has become a pest in a couple of countries.
  6. Rudd is the name of a strain of wheat noted as a dual-purpose feed wheat suitable for grazing by sheep or cattle and for grain production. Recently released by the CSIRO, it is resistant to the most serious diseases in the wheat belt.