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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Family Friendly Freebies?

Really thoughtful of John Brumby. The Victorian Government has launched free rail tickets - as yet, only on the Sydenham and Frankston lines from late October - PROVIDED you get to your destination by 7am.
Have the blokes really thought about this one? How long since John Brumby did a regular commute - and from the outer suburbs - by rail? Or, for that matter, Lynne Kosky, the Minister for Public Transport.

You will note, dear Reader, that these are only two hour tickets. There is no indication of how they mesh with other rail tickets, no suggestion of what you might do if you have a long-term ticket. But, over and above all that, Miss Eagle wonders how many women will benefit from this free two hour ticket.

Now Miss Eagle is aware that people, women included, work all sorts of hours in this day and age. However, as a generality, women dominate service sector industries. In the service sector, a significant number of jobs, if not the majority, have later starts than requiring your train to arrive by 7am. Then there is the childcare/school situation. How does accessing a free ticket for travel to be concluded by 7am mesh with family responsibilities out in the real working-class world? As far as Miss E can see, this freebie ticket certainly is NOT family friendly.
Readers might like to tell me differently.