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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Magic in Melbourne?

It won't be known until after the Eels -v- the Bulldogs match in the qualifying finals at the week-end who the take-all-before-them Storm will face off against in the Preliminary Finals on Sunday 23 September at Telstra Dome in Melbourne.

But Miss Eagle has a special request. Could the Bulldogs please win?

You see, dear and gentle Reader, the Bulldogs have a special magical person Miss Eagle wants to see in person. You see, Miss Eagle wants to watch El Magic in person. She has only seen him play in this year's State of Origin series - which was Hazem El Masri's first appearance in a State of Origin - and he was indeed magic.

The story of the moment is how the Magic Boot will manage the finals period which, this year, is happening during Ramadan.