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Friday, February 09, 2007

Campaigning for a tall Prime Minister: a capital idea

Denis over at The body politic is ill has discovered a goodie. One of the Southern Highlands locals has an apt name for Prime Minister John Howard. John Howard is a very short man so when Miss Eagle came across this nickname "Prime Miniscule" - like the Mitford sisters, she roared.

Then Miss Eagle went into a reverie. The correct spelling is minuscule. Those, like Miss Eagle, involved in calligraphy know what a minuscule is: it is a small letter, a lower case letter. It is the opposite of majuscule which is a large letter, a capital letter.

How Miss Eagle longs for a tall, majuscule Prime Minister.

Remember Gough Whitlam, remember Paul Keating. Prime Ministers tall with visions tall. And there is Malcolm Fraser who to-day has stature as a moral compass for the nation. Not small minded men with small, limited, and limiting vision. (Yes, Miss Eagle realises Bob Hawke was a short man - but how can Miss Eagle consider a man who turns on a national strike affecting the whole nation to suit a mate of dubious business ethics a man of great vision.)

Please, God, send Australia a tall Prime Minister with a large and wise vision for this nation.

Please, God, rid us of the small and small-minded with delusions of grandeur and take them from positions of power.