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Friday, February 02, 2007

The Queensland Police Service - A law unto themselves?

Queensland Police meeting at the Broncos Leagues Club in Brisbane
Photo: Peter Wills in The Courier Mail

Are they, as The Courier Mail headline says, a law unto themselves?
Miss Eagle has no problem with police moving to support their own. Miss Eagle has no problem with police marching on Queensland's Parliament to support their own - although she notes Gracelyn Smallwood's well-made point:

Ms Smallwood said it was "cute" that the police union was talking for the first time in 16 years about the recommendations of the Black Deaths in Custody inquiry. "We have not heard one word in all that time from the police union, and it is a handy diversion for them to come up with now - when one of their own is charged over the death of Mulrunji," she said. "It will be good to see them march. They will appreciate then what Aboriginal people have had to do for 207 years. "Perhaps we will line the path of the march and photograph them individually and get their numbers - like they have been doing to Aboriginal people and other protest groups in this state all these years."

Miss Eagle seeks one qualifying statement from the Queensland Police Service and the Queensland Police Union:

That Queensland Police are not above the law