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Sunday, February 17, 2008

What on earth! For Pete's sake......!

What does The Age think it's doing? The non-sporting but active Miss Eagle didn't have a clue there was something called the WoodVale Atlantic Rowing Race. The Age has taken the trouble to tell us about this because of the Australian who has become the first Aussie to row solo across the Atlantic. What gets Miss E., dear Reader, is how The Age describes him:

The article also describes him as a 'desk-jockey'. Then there is a whole litany of stuff which dwells on doubtful competence for such a task. In fact, one has visions of a "couch potato" although there is no mention of horizontal TV viewing.
But take a look at this hunk of spunk!

Now click over here for vital statistics: Pete Collett weights 95kg spread over a 6'3" frame.

He is very sporty and a very experienced seaman and water sportsman. He even did without the smoking en route. The one thing I will hand him full marks for is overcoming cellulitis on the trip. Miss Eagle is susceptible to recurring bouts of cellulitis (although Melbourne's climate seems to provide protection - no episodes since living here) and they are dreadful. The first time I was in hospital for two weeks unable to walk unaided. The next time I was hospitalised for a week. Then I had the good fortune to come under the ministrations of a GP who could treat the infection immediately, get on top of it, and prevent hospitalisation. Our hunk of spunk hero could not get the usual IV drugs, ate everything in the medicine chest, and overcame it! No unhealthy person could do that, in my view!

Congratulations, Pete, and please donate to his good cause over here.