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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Postscript: The Australian Public Service, working with us...?

Miss Eagle is indebted to people who know so much more than she does. Take the other day when ELP left a comment on the blog here. Miss Eagle would rarely, if ever, make a comment on defence procurement but ELP's insights were valued. And, while Miss Eagle, did not reply - daring not to show complete ignorance - she is grateful that this blog's good friend - Denis from The Nature of Robertson - replied. Call again, gentlemen, any time.

And, following this morning's post, about the Australian Public Service, Denis has come to the rescue with the following email:

Here is the Canberra Times report on new Senior officers of the APS.
Nobody in the Media knows the public service better than the Canberra Times.

Boxall has been a senior Federal Deptl head for many years. He came from South Australia, but he might have started out in Canberra. Lisa Paul is someone I do not know, but she sounds like someone who is "in favour". She has the critical Department (Julia's).

The full Administrative Arrangements Order is available here:

It tells you every Department - full title - and every Act administered by each one. It is the key document which shows how real powers have or have not been shuffled around between Depts.

It is mind-glazingly dull, (but absolutely critical to Government's day-to-day operations).
There are little gems hidden away in there.

For example:
Attorney-Generals administers Native Title Act 1993, except to the extent administered by the Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.
That title of the Dept tells you lots about how Aboriginal Affairs has sort of been sidelined, but partly it fulfils Rudds promise to not treat Aboriginal issues any differently from other people. THAT IS A TWO-EDGED SWORD IN MY MIND. The Hansonites argued for that position, don't forget.

If you read at his blog what Denis has been doing in the preparation of policy documents for the Save Water Alliance fighting for local control of water in the Southern Highlands, you will understand the sound insights that Denis brings to public administration - and the appreciation expressed by his colleagues.

Thank you, Denis. Good to have the record straight.