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Thursday, June 05, 2008


Don't human beings love monuments. We love remembering meetings with God, where famous people lived, and remembering our dead.

One of our most famous monuments is Stonehenge. Ancient stones whether standing alone, with friends, or in circles fascinate us. And Stonehenge has certainly fascinated us. We have considered it an astronomical observatory marking the sun and the seasons. We have believed it to be a place of ancient worship and the neo-druids frequently gather there to-day to revive ancient rituals.
But another lot of know-it-alls is now telling us that it is an ancient burial site.
However, I do prefer Yoni Brenner's up-to-date and straight from pre-history account of the burial site of Og. As Yoni says:
...although we may never see eye to eye on legacy of Og or Massive-Rocks-Arranged-in-Mysterious-Circle, me believe this debate is valuable in itself; and me think we can all agree that when public work of art generate this sort of spirited dialogue, it can only be good thing.


When you can do nothing else: bear witness.