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Friday, June 20, 2008

Will Pratt fall flat this time?

O'Neill carton in The Sydney Morning Herald 071013
They're after him again. The ACCC are after Richard Pratt again for lying to them in the course of an investigation. Last year's fines are clearly not enough. Do Graeme Samuel & Co at the ACCC want their pound of flesh as well? Is the corporate Richard Pratt not enough that they are now going after the person - because it is a person who has the capability of lying? Pratt has given back his Order of Australia honours. Don't know if he has given back his Woodrow Wilson Medal for Corporate Citizenship.

Pratt has stayed on a President of Carlton. They desperately need/ed him and his money. But if the ACCC are successful in this prosecution, will Carlton be looking for a new President?

Pratt is a rather popular good ol' boy. He and wife Jeannie support quite a few good causes, not least of which is the Yarts. Former Prime Minister (doesn't that sound good) Howard spoke out in his favour after last year's verdict.

So, while the ACCC chasing Pratt again might be just legal and bureaucratic tidying up after last year's episode, it also could be designed to further diminish Pratt the person unless - to make a dreadful pun which is irresistible in the circumstances - the ACCC is using a Pratt to catch a mackerel.

When you can do nothing else: bear witness.