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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It takes a village...

I had a call this afternoon from Denis of The Nature of Robertson. For the last few years - in among bouts of very serious ill health - Denis has, along with others in the Save Water Alliance in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, been doing battle with Sydney Water and the NSW Govt in regard to robbing the water of the Kangaloon Aquifer. Pop over to the blog and read up in the 146 posts on Kangaloon.

This afternoon when Denis rang it was to tell me that the NSW Govt was shelving - but perhaps not losing interest in - the Kangaloon Aquifer. He was bathed in the sweet smell of success. The battle has been long and hard. It has had its horrible moments. Denis has dragged every bit of skill he has - in putting reports together for government representations, in addressing public meetings, in photographing the invasion and the damage caused - into the fight.

And all this work by Denis and the community has brought positive results. What a community can achieve when it works together!

This is what Denis loves about his community of Robertson - a tiny village atop the Illawarra escarpment of the Southern Highlands. The spirit. The spirit that welcomed him and by which he feels supported. And now it has proved to have the spirit to fight off a government which wants to have its water and drink other people's too.


When you can do nothing else: bear witness.