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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Avoidable deaths

Last Sunday, on Ockham's Razor on the ABC, Dr. Gideon Polya put forward his research on the number of avoidable deaths in the world - in particular, those of women and children in Iraq. The figures he gives are horrific. If one believes the figures then what is being done to prevent such deaths. I would welcome some discussion on this. Particularly because I wonder whether there is doubt cast upon the research? I only wonder this because I don't understand why there has not been more widespread coverage of these shattering statistics.

Then, early in the week, came from Iraq tragic news of the Shiite people - mainly women and children - who stampeded to their deaths, avoidable deaths. While there are many questions to be answered about the details leading up to the stampede, one thing is certain. It took place within the context of war. Without such a context, it would not have happened.

When will we listen to such stories and not the misleading stories of militarism and false patriotism.