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Monday, April 03, 2006

What are you doing this Easter: worshipping, working or playing?

Barnaby Joyce claimed to have saved Good Friday and saved Christmas Day for workers as a condition of passage of the Howard Governments draconian industrial relations laws through the Senate. Jill Murray is a party pooper. She has cast doubt on Backdown Barnaby's claims. So if you see yourself pitching your tent with the family at Rosebud next week with all those other Victorians who treat Easter as the last proper holiday time before winter sets in, better check with your boss first. The last week as shown that quite a few employers want to get in early to make the most of the Howard and Andrews gift to employers. The first public holidays since the legislation came into effect on Monday 27 March will provide a further test to the venality of employers. How many employees who otherwise would not have worked over the Easter holidays will be co-erced or feel co-erced into working these days and thus taking them away from worship, from their families, from recreation. And how many executives, managers, owners will work this Easter when otherwise they would not? A miniscule number, I venture.
So check with the boss - but don't forget Barnaby. If the boss won't let youo have Easter to yourself and you will be working on Good Friday and/or Easter Monday, let Barnaby know. Here are his contact details. I doubt he'll be in St George though. I think it's an each way bet on either the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast.
Any Barnaby watchers out there might like to let Miss Eagle know.