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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Aboriginal issues: no mention, no money?

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Miss Eagle is indebted to Crikey for tagging the Budget speech. Now, dear Reader, Miss E has perused this with a visual text search with her own two eyes. She Eyeballed Aborigines, Aboriginal, Indigenous. No result.

Aboriginal issues frequently headline, even frontpage headlines, in the metro media. Much breast-beating, blame-shifting, bleeding of hearts. Mmmmmm...

Not only not a headline - it appears, if our Crikey is to be believed with their tagging effort, no mention. What the heck! Who gives a fig for overcrowding which leads to sexual abuse of children, dislocation, and just a plain rotten childhood? Who gives a cent for economic participation and economic infrastructure in Aboriginal communities?

Don't think there will be a decent all weather road for Wadeye or any other Aboriginal community in the NT just yet.