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Friday, May 04, 2007

Better barra than a river no more

Meanwhile, in the Northern Territory, certain North Australians are busy shooting themselves in the collective foot and legislating for a massive environmental disaster of the future: here are the future eaters of to-day. What is the alternative? Being able to catch the best fish in the whole of Australia: the beautiful barramundi of Borroloola.

Inserting the word McArthur in the search space at the top left of this blog will lead you, dear Reader, to Miss Eagle's previous posts on this topic: the destruction of the Northern Territory place of beauty and barramundi, the McArthur River.

Read the debate here. Find out why Barbara McCarthy, Alison Anderson, and Karl Hampton who are Aboriginal ALP members of the NT Legislative Assembly cross the floor of the House to vote against their own party. It is noteworthy that Barbara McCarthy who represents the NT seat of Arnhem is a Borroloola girl and firmly embedded in that community.

How other Aboriginal ALP members voted: Marian Scrymgeour who is the Northern Territory Minister for Natural Resources was absent when the vote was taken. Elliot McAdam, the NT Minister for Housing and Member for the seat of Barkly in which Borroloola and the McArthur River mine are situated, voted for the legislation. Those who were bound by the convention of cabinet solidarity voted for the bill - except when absent from the House.