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Thursday, May 03, 2007

The find the flaw project

Senator Bill Heffernan - with horns

Bill Heffernan's serial vile offences demonstrate a flawed character. Now, one feature of flawed character of the serial offence kind is repetition. In other words, an offence is not a once-only. It keeps coming out time and again. As Miss Eagle has pointed out in this post.

Now the offences mentioned are the ones regarded by the media as newsworthy. Miss E reckons that there are probably lots of other incidents which have not been regarded as worth the effort by the metro media.

Dear Reader, if you have knowledge of other incidents of Heffernan's vile and peculiar manifestation of foot-in-mouth disease or his vile and peculiar investigatory digging-the-dirt crusades, could you please email Miss Eagle off the sidebar: after all neither of us want to be enjoined in legal proceedings by the nasty Senator.