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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Gambling: addiction, pain, loss

Miss Eagle's friend over at The Nature of Robertson has had difficulty getting acceptance of his comment on the previous post. He thought that Miss E had deleted it. She hadn't. She had only deleted a comment which was reasonable enough but was from a site which promoted Philippine casinos. If anyone else is having problems with Comments, please advise. Meantime, Miss E's friend has emailed her and asked her to post his Comment on this site. As you will see, he feels rather strongly on this topic - and for very good reason.

So over to The Nature of Robertson - these are his views:

Let me declare at the outset my personal position.
I am against gambling.

I am a relative of someone who has incurred huge financial damage personally (as well as to me) from the abuse of (and by) Poker Machines.

I care less about the "High Rollers" because one assumes that they can afford to lose millions, or else the "gatekeepers" of the Casinos ought not let them in there in the first place.

My concern is with Poker Machines in clubs and pubs across Australia, where every day people spend their money for rent, money for food, money for shoes for the kids - none of which they can afford. Ken***tt single-handedly destroyed the lives of thousands of Victorian families when he turned just about every suburban and country pub into so-called casinos, and allowed Poker Machines in where they had never been allowed.

He did this to justify allowing his mate Ron to build his "Crowning monstrosity" on the Yarra. Even Jeff could see the inconsistencies there. So, he spread the damage, rather than prevent it.

Thousands of country Victorian businesses went to the wall as a result of the spread of Pokies; and thousands of little families and kids within those families suffered (and no doubt still do) as a result.

If you talk quietly amongst your friends about gambling debts, you will find a story amongst your workmates, and friends, of lives ruined by gambling. People seldom advertise this fact, but just ask around, and it will come out. And you will be shocked by the pain, the hurt, and the loss - in the suburbs, close to you.