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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Will rusted on Labor vote Green again this time?

Over at Happening Here, JaninSanFran has put up a post worth thinking about as Australia moves inexorably to a Federal Election which almost certainly will be held late in 2007. Jan says:

Sure -- all they really want are our email addresses. But just remember what they think it will take to get those addresses and to win over progressive activists. They have to speak our language, at least in mobilizing supporters. In the primary phase, they correctly think they need us, or at least need to neutralize our concerns.

Miss Eagle thinks that this applies to the forces of progress in Australia - in particular, the Australian Labor Party. Miss E recognises the real politik on the way to and in power. But she also thinks of the rusted on ALP voters who vote Green. Are they not a blip on Labor's radar - or does compromise after compromise for power's sake put out of mind a lost constituency?