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Monday, May 21, 2007

Homecoming for David Hicks

David Hicks is home - where he belongs.
Please continue to pray for his welfare.

Thanks be to God. David Hicks is home in Australia. The list of people to thank is endless. But David's greatest support has been his father, Terry. Terry Hicks has acquitted himself well. He was on a steep learning curve as he faced the media, lobbied politicians, learned to use film to promote David's cause. No parent could have done more in such circumstances than Terry Hicks.

Terry Hicks - 3 February 2007

Then there are the lawyers. They twisted. They turned. They persevered to gain every inch. Australian lawyers supporting David Hicks grew in number. Vital support. But the one who spoke to the hearts of Australians was Major Mori. An unknown in his own country he has become a well-known figure in Australia. Major Mori was exemplary. And he loves cricket which helped the case to take yet another direction in attempts to free David from Guantanomo Bay. Michael Mori now has his own row to hoe. At this time, it does not appear that Michael's strenuous efforts on behalf of his client have helped his career.

So many people assisted in the battle for David Hicks, Australian Citizen. People took to the streets, prayed in churches and a cathedral, lobbied, kept vigil, wore orange.

And one website kept faith and kept us going - Fair Go for David.

The Tao of John (for David Hicks)

In order to be strong

Make somebody weak.

To be at the centre of the crowd,

Make somebody as lonely outcast.

To gain extraordinary privilege,

Deny somebody their rights.

Sacrifice a man in the outer world.

Keep a man alone and tormented in a cage.

He will mirror the inner man you have sacrificed.

Thus pain will balance pain and end all feeling.

As you have controlled yourselfSo you shall control the world.

Leunig - The Age, December 9, 2006