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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Put the wood on the pollies and the pokie promoters - not Woodend

Does it never occur to anyone why so many politicians are in favour of foisting gambling of one form or another on the population and so many of us are not? Could one of the reasons be that the business people - machine manufacturers, hoteliers, casino proprietors - find ways to influence/buy/cajole a politicians vote - his/her thought processes even? But anonymous Joe Blow and Mary Smith who don't want anything to do with gambling have only a vote each and they don't become known to the influencers/buyers/cajolers.

How wonderful to see Woodend standing up for itself and its community!

Can we go and help? My marching shoes don't gather much dust! I'm not too old to carry a placard yet!

Miss Eagle lived in Tennant Creek when pokies were introduced into the NT. Restaurants suffered. My hairdresser suffered. My boss, the Leader of the Opposition at the time, received visit after visit from concerned business people. But then small business people - important in their own communities - are considered to be in the same small fry category as Joe Blow and Mary Smith. But they are the life and lifeblood of our communities. Particularly those who, in Woodend and other areas of country Victoria, have been innovative and creative and continue to bring business to their towns.

Good on Woodend! Give them a go! And email me, Woodend, if you need Miss Eagle to come to the rescue.