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Monday, October 15, 2007

Smith Storms across the Tasman

Cameron Smith with the trophy after the Australian v NZ Test
Just what is going on with our cousins across the ditch in New Zealand? First they are bundled out of the Rugby Union World Cup without even getting to the finals. This resulted in great national anguish, breast beating, and post-mortems and blame-shifting. Then there was the magnificent win of Australia's Kangaroos at the weekend with a 58-0 result against the Kiwis which, between Australia's Captain Cameron Smith and the wonderful Israel Folau, looked very much like a Melbourne Storm victory.

So are things so bad over there that the Maoris are revolting?

PS: Please note, all AFL fans. Your code cannot play internationally except in a concocted game against Ireland. Here is the Captain of a Melbourne team, who is Captain of an Australian team, playing internationally for Australia and winning comprehensively. AFL - eat your heart out!