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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Christian progressives on the march...

Jim Wallis busted
Christian progressives are on the march in the USA. The major focus recently has been on a major civil disobedience action in Washington DC where 115 religious activists were arrested, including Jim Wallis, Editor of Sojourner Magazine. They were protesting a House Republican budget plan's cuts in social programs when they refused to clear the entrance to a congressional office building Wednesday.
A national organization has formed - CrossLeft. Momentum is growing. CrossLeft is a movement for social and political change, giving voice to Jesus' ministry of compassion, service, and social justice. CrossLeft is leading the charge and providing balance to the Christian voice in political dialogue in the USA. In just 9 short months, CrossLeft co-organized the Path to Action Conference at the National Cathedral, DC and has launched a Website community national progressive Christian calendar & portal featuring the exclusive CrossLeft News Service; A Speaker's Bureau; and Weekly Podcasts.
Do you think it is about time Christian progressives in Australia got off their collective fundaments and did something too?