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Friday, January 27, 2006

Maccas bring on the generic worker

Twenty or thirty years ago when I was living in the bush, someone I knew told me that she believed that the day was coming when jobs would be rationed to one per family. I listened. I could think of a few draconian and survivalist scenarios myself but I have never given the idea any credence. But now I feel that scenario is knock, knocking, and not at heaven's door. Aussies recall the wonderful career of Charlie Bell. Charlie began his career at 15 as a part-time crew member at the Kingsford restaurant in Sydney. He became CEO of McDonald's worldwide before his tragic death just over twelve months ago of cancer.

If numberless people are resourcing the one job at MacDonald's - who gets trained? Who gets recognised? Can another Charlie Bell emerge - or is this route to the top blocked?