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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Selling off the National Estate

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Parliament House, Canberra.

For sale?

Hands up those who want to sell real property in government hands. Now hands down those who have a financial or political interest in the sale of real property in government hands. Miss Eagle's gut feeling is that when a vote is taken which would exclude those with conflicts of interest, there is no majority for the sale of real property in government hands. Then again one might wonder what would be up for sale. Well, the little gnomes of have helped us out here and actually made a list. This list should only be seen as a starter.

Miss Eagle would welcome additions to the list along with explanations of their financial and revenue value.

Australia Post: Iconic Australian monopoly business with extensive retail network, large bike inventory, potentially great billpay system, and even further revenue opportunities for featuring B-Grade celebrities on limited-edition stamps.
Parliament House: Hot air tours are just one of the commercial opportunities afforded by this iconic national parliamentary edifice in which no expense has been spared in construction and fit-out. Generous lease back agreement subject to negotiation with vendor.
Australian Institute of Sport: Developing the iconic prowess and moral fibre of the next crop of Australian athletes, there is considerable revenue potential for HECS-style scheme. Excellent sponsorship potential from breakfast cereal and condom companies.
Australian Electoral Commission: Independent democracy administration service. Excellent cost saving available from streamlining operations and reducing electorates and politicians. Unstable but iconic Pacific region also offers growth potential.
Sydney Harbour: Stunning views, plethora of fish, steady stream of water traffic, iconic harbourside real estate. Ripe for further development, above and below the waterline.
Sydney Opera House: Architectural icon superbly situated for commercial exploitation. Major merchandising opportunities, including licensing of logos and images, available for an innovative owner. Large outdoor advertising space also accessible.
Great Ocean Road: Iconic ocean-hugging roadway with major tolling potential and other opportunistic tourism revenue opportunities. Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Bloated and left-leaning broadcasting icon with enormous potential for rationalisation and depoliticising.