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Monday, July 31, 2006

Embarrassed - perhaps?

Perhaps Israel - at long last - is embarrassed and feeling the tide of public opinion slipping away from it after the bombing of women and children at Qana in Southern Lebanon. Qana is said to be the site of the Wedding Feast of Cana where Jesus turned the water into wine. Word has just come through that Israel has suspended, with immediate effect, all aerial bombing for 48 hours while they investigate the events at Qana, the site of a previous Israeli atrocity in Operation Grapes of Wrath. Now this is a case of Caesar investigating Caesar when an independent investigation is what is called for. Failure to have an independent investigation give its verdict will mean that Qana will always be held over Israel's head as a war crime. Even Tony Blair has now demanded an instant cessation to hostilities. Is he embarrassed too - following the statements of Jack Straw?

Is this an ever so small indication of some people pulling their horns in?

Miss Eagle had not long finished putting a comment on Colin's blog:

Condi is not trying hard enough. If she wants a post-Bush reputation - or even to run for political office - you'd think it would be in her own interest to broker peace. Of course, the US never does - or perhaps are unable to do - the one thing that needs to be done: getting Israel and the people in the US and elsewhere who finance them to pull their horns in. Israel and the US and Tony Blair need to remember that Hezbollah who initiated this round of fighting are acting like terrorists - just what they are and just what one expects. Israel - on the other hand - tries to be pure and profess that it is democratic and the killing of civilians is accidental. Poppycock! Israel cannot carry on like this - particularly with the backdrop of the suffering of Jewish people in World War II - and demonstrate it has no care for any human being other than its own citizens and expect people outside Israel not to be repulsed by its actions. Israeli self-interest is a stinking, smelly, rotten affair. But the psychology of a nation that builds its own ghetto is outside the parameters of normal comprehension.