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Friday, July 07, 2006

We must all be guardians

Miss Eagle's blogging mate, Denis Wilson, over at The Nature of Robertson has done numerous posts about the Kangaloon Aquifer and Sydney's profligate demands for water which see Sydney Water readying to rip-off the aquifers and catchments of the Southern Highlands to meet Sydney demands. This will have drastic effects on the environment and agricultural livelihoods in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW.

Denis's own efforts and encouragement have now led to Karen Guymer setting up a blog dedicated to the issues. It is called, quite simply, Kangaloon Aquifer Issues.

It seems to be the nature of things to-day, on this planet, in this place, and in this time, that each of us has to become a guardian of our own environment. Bush is accused of prosecuting an "oil war". This may only be a precursor to the "water wars". Water and air are our very life. When we pollute them, when we rob them - we reduce our access to life. Can't we see that? Can we only see self-interest?

If you, dear Reader, are standing guard over your environment, particularly in regard to water and air issues, could you please be in touch with Miss Eagle and tell her about it? If you too have a blog to alert people about a particular environmental issue, could you please advise Miss Eagle because she would like to put a cache of environmental blog links on her side-bar to alert and encourage people. And just like the RSL says at 7pm every night "Lest we forget", perhaps we ought to look around us at what we value and what we wish to protect and say each day, at sunrise and sunset, "Before it's too late....."