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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Roosting time....not yet, methinks!

The nation, or at least the metro media, is speculating once again on whether Howard will resign. The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that there is planned refurbishment of the Howard family home in the inner North Shore suburb of Wollstonecraft.. Former Howard staffer, Grahame Morris is saying that it is likely that Costello will know of Howard's plans by Christmas. The Age to-day is carrying a poll.

Last November, Miss Eagle posted begging John Howard not to resign. She has not altered her view. Miss Eagle does not want Howard to resign...yet. You see, dear Reader, all the chickens have not yet come home to roost, the pendulum is only now showing a little quivering which has yet to turn into a swing, the seeds that have been sown are not yet showing a clear and distinct form which will demonstrate to even the most myopic voter that they are a species of noxious weed. The myopic voter is not yet clear about Howard's meanness, cruelty, and indifference to human beings and the human condition; his subservience to great influence and power interests including the planning of a rich slew of retirement benefits and sinecures not only within Australia but from international, and - more particularly - U.S. sources; and his willingness to serve power and business against the interests of Australia and its people.

Australia has the shame and disgrace of AWA, and AWB. Keep going John and you can make it quite easily to AWZ.

One thing Miss Eagle would point to in suggesting that Howard will retire prior to the next election. Howard has to leave office well ahead of George W. Bush. And remember, George W. has only two years from next November left in office. There is every likelihood that George W. will become more of a lame duck, day by day, particularly if November's mid-term Congressional elections go against the Republicans.

The Howards in regal style befitting the nabob of an outpost of the American Empire

The reason Howard has to leave office well ahead of George W. Bush is so that he can take advantage of the benefices of Bush's office to undergird the international aspirations of his retirement plans. A place on the board of a bank or BHP Billiton will not suffice for this Prime Minister. It is difficult to imagine him taking on the international humanitarian role of former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser or the great campaigning in relation to a significant part of the human condition undertaken by former Victorian Premier, Jeff Kennett. Howard has grand plans for his retirement - and all venal. Roosting time is not yet....but could be nearing.