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Friday, July 14, 2006

Yesterday or to-morrow, the decision will be made.

Yesterday's headlines

Yesterday's headlines, perhaps. And the news to-day is of the war-mongers of Israel and the internecine warfare of the troublesome Middle East followed by COAG (Council of Australian Governments) which will see grand-standing by State Premiers and general riposte from Howard and Costello. But the story behind the headlines has not and will not go away.

Beattie says that Costello has been taking lessons from General Custer. The boy has not handled the matter well, that's for sure. Keating did it - and with some finesse and success.

Costello clearly doesn't have the numbers or someone would be tapping Howard on the shoulder which is what happened to Hawke. So if Costello does not have the numbers and he has shot himself in both fee this week, will the damage be permanent? Miss Eagle thinks it might. Where are the numbers for Costello to come from? They will only come from those who think an election can be won with him at the helm. At this stage, it would seem that the majority of Liberal Party members of Parliament think they have more of a chance with Howard.

So, when Howard goes and if Costello is permanently impaired, who will win the day - the garrulous Tony Abbott, the show-off Brendan Nelson? Almost certainly it will not be the Suet Pudding, Alexander Downer. Or will someone come out of left field?

One thing is sure, the headlines will return. Howard will go. Someone unattractive will be elected to take over the Liberal Party from someone unattractive.