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Thursday, July 20, 2006

In our name...

There are those within our body politic who never cotton on to the workings of our national government. For them, but for many of us as well, the United Nations operates in a stratosphere all its own. That's why we should feel indebted to Brian Walters SC for his work in alerting us to how Australia has voted recently in the councils of the UN.

Fancy an Australian government opposing a resolution to put more work into framing a right to food!

Australia is so far along the American path, it appears, that it will do everything in its power to neuter the UN. Is this what Australians want? Is this who Australians perceive themselves to be? Why don't we want to enshrine in the laws of humanity a right to food? Doesn't all of humanity whoever they are wherever they are have a God-given right to eat?