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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

So this is Rupert's view?

At the railway station this morning, this poster blared out its headline. Your correspondent, dear Reader, couldn't resist a snap.

But Miss Eagle has to ask, this is news? Miss Eagle remembers back in the long, long ago when John Howard became, in the days when he was Treasurer back in 1977-1982, widely known by the moniker, Honest John. And it was not given him for his honesty. And have we seen great displays of honesty since? Miss Eagle doesn't think so.

But at last we have the suggestion that Howard is a liar in a poster published by the Australian flagship of the Murdoch press. Surely the most myopic voter can read it in red and white.

And what of our current treasurer, Peter Costello? Herself says "Fancy getting up in the morning and going to work with Howard when you are as pissed off as that. What a way to spend your days!" But Costello is saying that he has, for moe than ten years, put his disappointment aside for the sake of the nation.

What self-discipline, what self-forgetfulness, what generosity of spirit all wrapped up in a free-spending Treasurer! Now why wouldn't we want someone like that for Prime Minister!

C'mon please tell Miss Eagle why - but mind your manners.