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Monday, November 26, 2007

Bring the old team back: Joe Hockey for Leader, Kevin Rudd for PM, and Sunrise for Speaker

As Kever Klevvie kontemplates his Krew this week, Miss Eagle has a few suggestions.

Kevin Rudd and his wife, Therese Rein, vote on Saturday.

One of the things that helped Klever Kevvie to popularity and being seen as a human being with a smile rather than a dour nerd was his regular appearance on Sunrise in tandem with Joe Hockey for the Liberals.

Joe Hockey, David Koch (Sunrise anchor) and Kevin Rudd

Now it seems to Miss E that poor avuncular Joe has been getting stressed out of his mind since he was given the job that Kevin Andrews could not do - sell Work Choices. We now know, don't we dear Reader, that no one could sell Work Choices. It seemed to Miss E that Joe put on weight that he needs to get off under all that dirty work he was given to do. Get the gastric lapband, Joe - and soon. Miss E has had it done. The Director, Miss E's sister has had it done. Go for it Joe in good health.

I don't think anyone thinks of Joe as either a dill or a bad guy - in spite of the poisonous Work Choices. Why not reward Joe for his loyalty to the Liberal Party and its dreadful policies by giving him the top job. Joe for Liberal Party leader I say.

The Sunrise Family

Then we would have the old team - Joe on one side and Kevin on the other. Well, not quite the old team, eh dear Reader? So, ergo Sunrise and team for Speaker. Who better?

At this point in time, whoever Klevver Kevie nominates as Speaker won't be experienced. But Sunrise is experienced. The Sunrise Team is used to intervening, sorting things out and making people stick to the rules of the game. OK, I know, I know. They all, including Kevvie, got a bit expeditious on the Vietnam expedition. I am sure that Mel and Kochie and Nat and Andrew can sort things out though. And the Speaker-ship might give Kerry Stokes and his meany crew something to focus on instead of The Chaser team.

Grant could tell us which way the wind blows. Mark could lighten proceedings with cricket, football (all codes), and basketball and netball scores.

All in all, I think it would the ultimate in outsourcing: Sunrise for Speaker and bring really serious entertainment to the six o'clock news!