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Monday, November 26, 2007


Maybe someone in the Liberal Party of Australia will do a proper, official report of what went wrong at the Federal Election of 2007 which resulted in a loss of confidence in Liberals and the election of a Labor government.

However, reality seems to be a bit slow to sink in. Now, remember, dear Reader, that this was a government who had been in power for eleven years. They had countless polls delivering the wisdom of the electorate over all that time. There were enough of them to cover the length and breadth of the nation with their ears to the ground to pay attention to what people were saying and thinking.

  • One report says that a Liberal staffer has blamed the " Chinese". Did this person not recall Howard's stance of Asian immigration? Why would anyone from Asia vote for Howard? Of course, there was the rampant, blatant racism of the Liberal Party in the seat of Lindsay supported by staff at NSW Head Office.

  • Climate change has done it says Malcolm Turnbull and he says the Libs should have signed Kyoto. Water drying up across the nation and anything that would store water commanding pretty solid prices in the hardware stores and the Liberals expected that everyone was a climate change sceptic?! True, some movement on climate change -but too little, too late and with no conviction nor credibility.

  • Work choices was THE issue - and why did the Liberals think it wouldn't be?

Do the Liberals understand how many voting Australians come from the Middle East and Asia? Do the Liberals understand how many tolerant voting Australians there really are? And did they not realise how enthusiastically urban Australians have embraced water saving? Did they not stop to think that such people might have had a positive view of Kyoto? And could they not count heads in the population to comprehend that most of us are not West Australian miners earning thousands of dollars in a week? Did they not hear the discussions on radio of work/life balance and, if they did, did they not consider consider that people for whom work/life balance was an issue might have a view on the impact of Work Choices on the intensification of work and the large amount of unpaid overtime worked by Australians?

So save your time, Liberals, on official reports: these were the reasons that the Liberals lost. Of course, these were not the only reasons. These were just the main, very personal reasons. Others included a lack of ethics, immigration, refugees, AWB corruption, non-core promises inter alia.