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Monday, November 26, 2007

ELECTION 2007: Records and Milestones

As the dust settles after Saturday's election when the pendulum moved away from the Liberal-National Party coalition to the Australian Labor Party, it seems a good time to look at the benchmarks reached at this election.

  1. John Howard became the second Prime Minister in the history of the nation to be kicked out of his seat by his electorate. (This is not decided yet but Miss E is prepared to go out on a limb as the final result of the roosting chook campaign.)
  2. The first female Deputy Prime Minister - and when Rudd goes to the Kyoto talks in Bali she will become the first Acting Prime Minister - in Julia Gillard.
  3. The first time that the Prime Minister and Treasurer came from the same country town and went to the same school in the same period.
  4. The first time that both the Prime Minister and Treasurer come from Queensland.
  5. The first time that the team of Prime Minister and Treasurer do not come from Sydney and Melbourne.
  6. The first Mandarin speaking Prime Minister.
  7. The first Labor Prime Minister of the century and the millennium.
  8. The first time in Australian history that there are Labor governments in power across the nation: in every state and at federal level.
  9. The first time that poker machines and gambling has been singled out for national focus in the Parliament of Australia with the election of anti-pokies campaigner, Nick Xenophon.
  10. A new record in the Greens vote which has been a major enabling factor in the election of the Australian Labor Party to government.

There you are, dear Reader, that should get you started. Could you please enhance our record-keeping to say what was noteworthy and worth remembering as a benchmark at this election.