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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Peter Costello has other fish to fry

Tanya and Peter Costello

Here at The Trad Pad, we could never see why Costello would hang around building a career as Liberal Party Leader after the collapse of the Howard Coalition Government yesterday. It would be at least two terms in the normal course of events before he could become Prime Minister. Surely it would be better to go almost straight from the position of Treasurer into the business world: make squillions of dollars, have a good time with the family, and include lots of international travel. Leave the gap too long between yourself and the Treasury and it might not be as influential on the CV.

Now he says that this is what he will do - but will see out his full term in his seat of Higgins.

Well, Miss E wonders if that is what will happen. As was said in the previous post, there could be a number of by-elections. The Libs might chose to group them together for maximum impact and not have a gradual attrition in circumstances too favourable to the Rudd Government. Another factor is that, if some predictions are correct, there could be a Double Dissolution Election in twelve months time because of difficulties in getting legislation through a hostile Liberal controlled/blocking Senate. If that occurred, Costello could have his cake and eat it too. He could honour his pledge to see out his full term but be gone from Parliament into business in quick smart time.