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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Up, up and away - with John Faulkner

He is quiet of voice, self-effacing, tall, dark, handsome, be-spectacled. Miss Eagle's hero. Superhero even. Well, yes in childhood Miss Eagle could have been Lois Lane to Clark Kent. But she is a big girl now - and she does wish she could get over the hero thing, but there you are.

Miss Eagle has to tell you about her hero because she wants some input into Kevin Rudd's decision making on who will comprise his Cabinet.

Senator John Faulkner is Miss E's Clark Kent. You may have glimpsed him at the Tally Room on Saturday night, dear Reader. No mention has been made about his role in unseating John Howard. But you see, dear Reader, there is a system in the ALP whereby electorates not held by Labor are put under the guardianship of a sitting member. John Faulkner has been the official babysitter for the seat of Bennelong, formerly the seat of John Howard, and now the province of Maxine McKew.

John Faulkner's real and ongoing claim to fame is his role on the Estimates Committee. His forensic questioning on Estimates is legendary.

So, with Labor forming government, what should become of the good Senator. Well, for a start, he should become Leader of the Senate. But, above all, Miss Eagle suggests that he become Special Minister for State without portfolio with a permanent seat in Cabinet and a place in the Leadership team.

Kevin, please don't burden Faulkie with a portfolio. Let's use his wisdom and experience to the greatest benefit. Turn him loose to do what he does best. In fact, let him do whatever he wants to do. Just one proviso, that - in case of accidents - he has an understudy in training on Estimates!