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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The sell-off of Medibank Private

Nothing must ever stand between a politician and a pot of money. The latest honeypot to put a gleam in the eyes of John Howard's venal government is Medibank Private. Miss Eagle's medical insurance is with Medibank Private. She has had her moments over her lifetime with Medibank Private but still believes it gives good service, is accessible, and - importantly - more fairly priced although she could have lived without the latest price rise.

Kenneth Davidson points out that, apart from initial seeding money provided by the Australian Government, Medibank Private has been built on the contributions of its members. This, surely, must give Medibank Private members a role as stakeholders in the business of Medibank Private. Please write to your Federal member of Parliament, to the Treasurer, and to the Minister for Health and explain to them your views - no sell-off of this membership driven organisation.

Postscript: Miss Eagle checked the dictionary to ensure she was using the word 'venal' correctly. She thinks the following definition indicates she has used the word appropriately.
1. a. Open to bribery; mercenary: a venal police officer.
b. Capable of betraying honor, duty, or scruples for a price; corruptible.
2. Marked by corrupt dealings, especially bribery: a venal administration.
3. Obtainable for a price.