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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Student protests over 'Anglo-Saxon' job laws - World -

Miss Eagle is rather pleased with the news from Paris. Students are protesting about what they call the introduction of "Anglo-Saxon job laws". It seems the French Government is proposing to deal with a high level of youth unemployment by stripping away a lot of rights and entitlements.

Now some may think what I am about to say most illogical - but to Miss Eagle it is straightforward commonsense. Why are those who are poor and out of work to have their economic rights and entitlements lowered, removed or dismantled to place them in work? Surely, logic demands that those in positions of economic power with the ability to employ young people shoud face punitive measures if they ignore the plight of unemployed and deskilled youth. Surely, those with economic power should be forced to invest in the future, particularly the future of humanity, by investing in people and boosting their ability for economic participation.

Aah, but economic power prefers to use unemployment whether for the young, the aged or anyone in between as an economic tool: to have a surplus pool of unemployed people and thereby seek opportunities for driving down wages and dismantling sound emloyment conditions. Economic power would prefer the globalization of Chinese wages and working conditions. 'Onya students of Paris. I wish more of us would take to the streets and demand that governments, corporations, and business put an end to the use of the unemployed as economic tools.