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Friday, November 11, 2005

Of roosters and feather dusters (2)

See previous post for how roosters turn into feather dusters. It is interesting to follow the careers of past politicians. The one I most admire is Jimmy Carter. A true man of peace and justice. His Christian ideals inform his deeds - with humility and without the controversy, the dogma, the holier than thou. To-day - on the thirtieth anniversary of The Dismissal - it is interesting to look at a couple of the more interesting Australian roosters: Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser. Gough has maintained the rage and has become the grand old man of Oz Pol. But, if I have to pick, it is Malcolm - and am I amazed to say this. Malcolm's commitment to the fight against racism; to working for the poor and powerless; to speaking out for rights and liberties and his general and generous wisdom has truly made him a respected Australian elder statesman. In the years after 1975 I would not have shaken his hand. Now I would be proud to. Isn't time a wonderful thing.
Ones to watch are Bob Carr and John Howard. Bob has joined Macquarie Bank. While I understand that Bob is by no means old and it is no surprise that he finds himself in the private sector, people do wonder when a former politician - on the way to feather-duster-hood - goes to work for/with a company with whom he has had a political/economic relationship while in power. Is it just a use of skill and talent or is the person concerned being looked after and rewarded? This is why when John Howard resigns - and as you know I don't want him to do so for a while - I will watch with interest his career. I expect to see him internationally looked after.