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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sleep tight, the games are on

I was at UN Women's Forums in Nairobi in 1985 and Beijing in 1995. It was said that the homeless and the undesirables were removed from these cities for the duration of the events. Is this a compulsory agenda item for major event organisers?

Or is the Victorian government just being considerate?

It is providing $60,000 for the homeless people to sleep in motels and hostels during the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne from 15-26 March 2006. $40,000 dollars will be spent in Melbourne. Not sure where they are spending the rest. The most recent survey of homeless numbers in Victoria was in 2001, when about 24,000 people were either homeless, "couch-surfing", or living in places such as caravan parks. So if $40,000 can buy accommodation for 24,000 people for twelve days - that's less than an incredible $2 per day - why are we not funding more accommodation for homeless people!

Who is the Vic Govt considering? The homeless or the expected visitors.

Anyway I hope that the homeless have a good time and that they get to watch some great cable television. Oops - forgot. The accommodation won't even be three star.